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Racing Age 25
From Pollock Pines, CA
Cat 1


My name is Jared Kessler I’m 24 years old. I race Pro Super D’s and MTB Enduro races, as well as select XC events. I have raced downhill for a number of years working for a short period of time with Scott Sharples during which I was transitioning more into the Super D format. Of course training has been huge for me to make this transition. I started spending time on my road bike 2 years ago and this year decided to give road races a try and have been enjoying it quite a bit to supplement my mountain biking. I started as a Cat 5 and have moved to a Cat 2 with goals of moving through the 1’s in the coming season. In addition to my racing career I also work full time as a mechanic at Folsom Bike, a New and growing shop in the Sacramento area. To supplement both racing and wrenching I also teach many MTB and road bike skill clinics for many local teams as well as individual athletes and donate my time and experience in working with local high school cycling programs.

My recent finishes in MTB include:

TBF Racing XC Classic 1st place pro
1st and 2nd races in the 2 race series 2012
TBF Racing 2011 50 mile MTB race 1st place pro
4th Pro at Napa Valley Dirt Classic 2012
1st place Pro at Folsom Race Behind Bars
12th Pro in Bend Oregon for the first round of the Oregon Enduro Series with a 7th place result in the 5th stage of the race
16th Pro Downieville XC.

My goals for the mountain bike are set mostly to contend select North American Enduros and Target Northern California XC events. My road season has been:

1st place Cat 5 Folsom Cyclebration 2011,
3rd in the circuit race.

For 2012 as a Cat 5 a 1st in the BP Early Bird Crit

2nd Snelling RR
1st Madera crit
1st Madera RR
1st Bariani RR.

Upgraded to cat 4 and achieved a 1st at Wardsferry RR

1st at Copperopolis,
1st at the EDH Town Center crit.

Upgraded to a 3 and now have a 2nd at the Wente classic RR and a 4th at the BP Spring Classic crit and a

6th place in the 2012 Folsom Cyclebration Road omnium with a highlight being a 2nd place finish in the opening time trial,
2nd place Nevada City Criterium and 5th Leesville Gap RR.
Upgraded to a 2 and have a 3rd in the Lodi Cyclefest Criterium
7th in the Victory Velo Loomis basin Circuit race.

With a stacked season of mountain and road events and lofty but attainable goals in front of me this year, proper and effective
training and equipment is proving to be the most important part of my life outside of sharing my passion for the sport with those that I
coach. Any and all help that would be possible would be hugely appreciated and positively reflected by my responsibility as an ambassador of
your product to not only my peers but my customers and loyal followers in the store and greater Northern California cycling community. You
will be able to track my progress through many race updates on my Facebook page also through email as I will follow up my events with race

2013 Notable Results:

1st 2013 Sea Otter Classic Cat1 XC (fastest overall Cat1 time)
1st 2013 Ashland Spring Thaw Pro Overall
2nd 2013 Napa Valley Dirt Classic Pro Open



Racing Age 38
From Folsom, CA
Pro Open Single Speed & CX Cat 1


I started mountain biking in 1997 while working in a ski and bike retail store during college. At the time, mountain biking became a means to stay in shape during the summer “off- season” in preparation for the competitive big mountain Freeskiing events that used to be my passion — was able to make the finals of a few stops on the Freeskiing World Tour and am one (1) of only four (4) skiers to ever attempt to ski off the 127 foot cliff known as “Hospital Air” in Kirkwood, CA. However, what initially was once a means to just “stay in shape”, mountain biking became a passion of its own, and soon my competitive streak moved away from skiing and towards cycling after I entered my first MTB race in 2007.

In 2008, I picked up a beater single speed MTB just to “try something different” and immediately fell in love with it. I was having more fun riding single speed and my geared bikes began to collect dust (eventually sold them off). I began entering local single speed MTB races and had my first taste of regional success with a podium in the Cat 2 Single Speed category at the 2008 Sea Otter Classic. In 2009 and 2010, I began racing my Single Speed exclusively and quickly found success in the Cat 1 / Expert Single Speed fields in local races. Then in 2012, seeking tougher competition, I then began racing Single Speed in my local (geared) Pro Open classes with the goal of showing that a Single Speed MTB is more of an equipment choice than a handicap, and can be ridden just as fast as any other more traditional bike. I’ve also found that I’m drawn to longer, more endurance style races (such as 100 milers or 8-hour solos) and hope to race in more of those style events in the years to come.

2013 Notable Results:

1st 2013 Sacramento CX Series Single Speed A’s Overall
1st 8 Hour Solo – 2013 Coolest 8 & 24 Hrs Against Cancer MTB Race
3rd 2013 Sea Otter Classic Pro/Cat1 Single Speed
5th 2013 USAC Marathon XC Nationals Single Speed

My goals for 2013 are to continue to progress as a rider, represent my sponsors in a positive light, introduce new riders to the sport, and hopefully to improve upon my results from the past few years.

2012 Results – (*denotes racing on a single speed in a geared division)

Tahoe-Sierra 100 Mile MTB Race – 1st Place Pro Single Speed
*Folsom Cyclebration MTB Time Trial – 1st Place Pro Open
Sacramento Cyclocross Series Race #1 – 1st Place Single Speed “A”
*Coolest 8-Hour MTB Race Against Cancer – 1st Place Two Man Team
Bogg’s 8-Hour MTB Race – 2nd Place Pro Solo Single Speed
*TBF MTB Kickstart – 2nd Place Pro Open
*TBF MTB Challenge – 2nd Place Pro Open
USA Cycling Marathon MTB Nationals – 7th Place Single Speed Open

2011 Results – (*denotes racing a single speed in a geared division)

Oroville 8-Hours of Gold – 1st Place Solo Single Speed
*Folsom Cyclebration MTB Time Trial – 1st Place Overall
*Folsom Cyclebration MTB Short Track – 1st Overall
Folsom Cyclebration MTB Stage Race – 1st Single Speed
*Folsom Prison Race Behind Bars – 1st Place Overall
TBF MTB Kickstart – 1st Place Single Speed
TBF MTB Challenge – 1st Place Single Speed
Bogg’s 8-Hour MTB Race – 2nd Place Pro Solo Men
Tahoe-Sierra 100 Mile MTB Race – 3rd Place Pro Single Speed



I am 32 and have one crazy daughter. I tell some that I am a mountain biker with a triathlon problem.

I was originally born and raised in Winter Park, CO. So, it is hard not to be on the trails from a young age. I was a competitive ski racer growing up and I began to dabble in MTB racing in the summer as cross/dryland training. In my college years I stopped skiing and wasn’t biking but picked up running to do something! Ran some marathons including Pikes Peak Marathon. Then I started getting on my bike again and remembered how much I loved it! I started getting on my bike more and entering a few bike races in 2007. I had always wanted to do a triathlon, but would never do it because I didn’t road bike and I am way to competitive to enter a road tri on my MTB! Anyway, my husband and I did some adventure races and then I discovered there were off-road triathlons! Yep, enter XTERRA. I have been racing XTERRA for about 4 years now. Works well for me because the MTB is the longest portion of the race! I enjoy mountain bike racing in the semi-Pro category throughout the season with a focus toward XTERRRA (off-road triathlon).

I have been steadily trying to improve over the course of my seasons racing and in 2013 I had some great races. In October I became a 2013 age group World Champion at XTERRA in Maui and will most likely make this coming season my first Pro season in XTERRA!

On the mountain bike I got to explore new races in that area with last season being my first season in the region! I won 3 of the TBF Mtn. bike races with a couple pro podiums in some regional races and capped my mountain bike season with a win in the expert division at Downieville classic.

I am looking forward to stepping it up a bit this season in the Pro/Cat 1 races on the mountain bike and hopefully getting competitive in as a Pro in Xterra.

I also love seeing young people getting out on their bikes and finding sports that they can be excited about. My 5-year-old has already done her first couple triathlons because she was just so enthusiastic about it! I especially love seeing girls on their bikes, getting dirty, and enjoying life.

2013 Highlights
1st 30-34 AG XTERRA World Championships
1st Expert Downieville Classic
2nd Pro Skyline Mtn race
3rd 30-34 AG XTERRA USA Nationals
1st in 3 TBF Mtn bike race series.

1st TBF Sierra Trail Challenge (1st female 50 mile mtb combined with 3rd female trail half marathon)
3rd 30-34 XTERRA USA Nationals
1st 30-34 XTERRA Tahoe
3rd 30-34 XTERRA Mtn Championships
5th Pro Winter Park Mtn bike series.



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